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Updated 11/09/2018

Terms and condtions of use

Please read through our terms and conditions of use.

The terms and conditions of use are outlined in this document and include information regarding who we are, what we offer and how our service/s legally affect you. This is a legal document which forms an agreement between you, the Customer or the user (whom we refer to as "you", "your" or the "Customer" And or "User" in these Terms Of Use) and us (Fudge, joinFudge.com), (Our Service), (Our Site).
If you proceed to use our app website and/or service. You are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Our company name is Fudge and we are the sole owners of this website, app and browser extension.

We offer of a range of services such as apps, browser extensions, coupon codes, Freebies, Sales, Product deals, User generated content, Vendor and retailer products and price comparison, competitions and Giveaways. In addition to this we allow users to create an account, manage, save, share and contribute content. We provide a platform (including this website, mobile applications, toolbars and browser extensions.) in which brands, stores, services, online retailers, affiliates and other sellers (referred to from now on as, "Sellers") can list offers and deals for coupons, deals, goods, competitions other products. We provide a platform for you to find deals, promotions and products which are provided by external ("Third party") services. Please be aware that the contract, sale of service, or sale of goods, is made, or between, you the user or buyer or the resulting Third party or retailer and therefore you be forming a new contract upon interactation and/or purchase made with the seller.

Once you, the user click through to a deal, products sale or service, the Seller is wholey responsible for the sale of goods to you the user furthermore any claims or any other legal obligation arising as a result of the contract, sale and/or agreement between you and the seller.

Registering with our app, browser extension or website. As a user of our website, app or extension, it is not essential to register any of your personal information. Fudge will function without the need to register. However, for an enhanced user experience, and the potential for greater savings, you may register with us. We reserve to right to deny registration to any user at any time, we can do so at any time without prior consent. We will reserve the right to cancel at any time, via IP, email, username address, restriction and/or account closure. Any suspected misuse of our services may result in account closure or limitation.

Use Of Email Adresses. If you decide to register, we will ask you to provide a valid and functional email address, any attempt to create, access without prior consent and/or use our service with someone else`s or and existing users email address in strictly prohibited.

User Generated Content. Upon successful registration, you the user may have the opportunity to submit, contribute, add, upload, either: reviews, product advice, comments, profile content (biography, interests etc), deals, voucher codes, files, photos, videos, polls, forum posts and other digital content. In doing so you must continue to comply with our ("USER GENRATED TERMS OF USE") and ("ACCEPTABLE CONTENT"). This applies to all forms of digital communications throught our network of website, mobile application and services.

Content Restrictions. You must not upload, post add any form of digital content that is in breach of or protected by copyright, both national and international. This includes trademarks or other Intelectual property without prior constent. However if you are a company who has any copyright related queries then please contact us directly.
You the user are soley responsible for the content you upload. You, the contributing user will be solely responsible and therefore liable for any infringement of copyrights, trademarks, or any other rights.

Please ensure that you do not include content that is or may be perceived to be: Abusive, inappropriate, offensive lanuage, racist commments view oppinions or conitations. You must agree that when submitting commment, opinions and reviews about companies, products or services, that you write a fair, complete and honest reviews to the best of your knowledge.

Licensing Of Content. You shall agree to share the rights with us,(Fudge, JoinFudge.com) the global right to reprint, republish, reuse, retain, distribute and sublicense your user submitted content royalty free without exception at any time, for any length of time. This will include the use of marketing, advertising etc. We will however keep your personal information within our servers. We will not sell, license or distribute your personal data. This included email addresses, social media accounts, postal adresses and telephone numbers.

Accuracy Of Information. During interaction with our apps & services you will find coupons, deals, sale items, products and price comparisons and other related promotions and features. Whilst we ensure that our system and staff produce up to date, informative and accurate data pertaining to the above, however, occassionally errors may occur throughout the website, these may be pricing related, product or deal description and/or related to the user submitted information. We accept no responsibilty for any loses incurred as a result of purchases and/or contracts made through affiliated links on our platforms.

Fudge TradeMarks Copyright & Intellectual Property We own the content of this website, excluding other brand logo, urls/links and non-exclsive discount codes.

The use of our service is granted to you and is licensed to view, use share and print the content for personal use only. You may not, and are strictly prohibited from:

Reproduce, copy, reprint edit or transmit any text material without prior consent.

Remove, remaster or modify any logo and/or graphic creative from our site including that of partner stores. Unless you have prior consent or are a partner.

Copy the look, theme, branding, and/or Intellectual Property in the form of graphic, our website and mobile application, text, video and any other digital format without the prior email or written consent.
Please ensure that you read and accept our privacy policy to continue using our products and services.